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Father Felix's latest video message regarding the Apostolic Penitentiary's Decree on plenary indulgences
during the time of the coronavirus  is available to view here.

Repairs on our beautiful church are underway!  See Father Felix provide an explanation of what's going on here.

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Our Current Public and Live Stream Mass schedule:

- 12:10 PM Monday, Wednesday & Friday will be in English Ordinary Form  
- 12:10 PM Tuesday & Thursday will be in Latin Extraordinary Form
- 8:00 AM Saturday will be in English Ordinary Form
Tickets to Monday through Saturday Masses are available HERE

- Sunday at 9:00 AM English Ordinary Form and 11:30 AM Latin Extraordinary Form
Tickets to Sunday Masses are available HERE

Our Current Public and Live Stream Vespers (Evening Prayer) Schedule:
Tuesdays through Fridays at 5:00 PM in Ordinary Form English
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Daily Mass readings in English can be found here:

Text of the Extraordinary Form Traditional Latin Mass can be found here and Sunday propers here.

Currently, we are live streaming Masses via Facebook, click here.

Recordings of previous Masses can be viewed here on YouTube.



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