Online Giving

Online Giving

Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

We have closed off access into the Chapel due to necessary structural repairs, but devotion may still continue with the kneelers and candles just outside the Chapel. Work will begin before the end of the year  - this is separate from Phase-I and we are looking for benefactors.

Donate by clicking HERE and select Repair of the Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Flower Donation

Donate the cost of flowers for a particular Sunday. To celebrate an anniversary, to honor friends and family, or in thanksgiving to almighty God. Please contact the parish office or make a donation online by clicking HERE and selecting Flowers

Build a legacy of Faith with the Church of the Annunciation!

This order is to purchase a customized, engraved memorial brick that will be permanently installed in the 3-foot wall area of the new plaza. Each brick is $400, engraving included for 2-lines at 14 characters per line. All bricks must be ordered no later than September 30, 2018. Once the plaza is completed, no other bricks will be installed. 

Don't miss the opportunity to leave your legacy with of The Church of Annunciation. Fill out the online order form HERE.