When was the last time you made a good spiritual retreat? Its so important for us to take advantage of these means to strengthen our interior life. A retreat aids us in our personal relationship with Our Lord as we pursue sanctity and enter into discernment. It can yield great benefits for you, your spouse, your children and family, and your relationships with others. Father Felix wants to encourage our parishioners to form groups that go on retreat together! Here is a small selection of substantive and trustworthy retreats.


Retreats for Men:

Opus Dei - www.featherock.net/#Men

Miles Christi - www.mileschristi.org/spiritual-exercises/#events

Brothers of St. John - csjohn.org/news/

Casa Maria - https://sisterservants.org/schedule.php


Retreats for Women:

Opus Dei- https://www.featherock.net/#Women

Miles Christi - https://www.mileschristi.org/event/houston-tx-1/ 

Casa Maria- https://sisterservants.org/schedule.php