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First Vespers of the Assumption Vigil Worship Aid

Why do we bless herbs on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary?
“In the Germanic countries, the custom of blessing herbs is associated with 15 August. This ancient use came to be associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary, in part because of the biblical images applied to her such as vine, lavender, cypress and lily, partly from seeing her in terms of a sweet smelling flower because of her virtue, and most of all because of Isaiah 11:1, and his reference to the ‘shoot springing from the side of Jesse,’ which would bear the blessed fruit of Jesus.” (Directory on Popular Piety and Liturgy)

More information on the history of this tradition can be found HERE. 
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Note: please leave your bagged herbs on the table in front of the Crucifixion scene in the narthex of the Church when you arrive at Mass.  The blessing will follow Mass.

Friends, Christianity is under vicious attack.  Father Felix is urging everyone to participate in this 54-day novena for the following intentions:

1) Our nation – with all the challenges we are facing,
2) The upcoming election
3) The needs of our Church and parish family of the Annunciation
4) Your personal intentions

In these extraordinary times, a plenary indulgence may be gained by the faithful for reciting the rosary.  Information on how to obtain a daily plenary indulgence is found HERE

Complete information on this urgently-needed 54 day novena is HERE  


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Volunteers are needed to continue public Mass!


Turn to the Lord with your fears and concerns and He will lift your spirit.

NEW!  Have a candle lit and placed at our beautiful Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help!

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We are currently live streaming all Tuesday through Sunday Masses on Facebook
Here is our current schedule:

Public Mass Schedule:

 9:00 AM English (Ordinary Form)
 NEW TIME BEGINNING 07/05/20: 11:00 AM Latin (Extraordinary Form)

Weekday English Mass (Ordinary Form)
6:30 AM Monday through Friday
12:10 PM Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Weekday Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form)
12:10 PM Tuesday & Thursday

8:00 AM English (Ordinary Form)
5:30 PM Sunday Vigil Mass -  English (Ordinary Form)

Live Stream Schedule:

The following Masses and Vespers are live streamed via our Facebook page:

-All Saturday and Sunday Masses
-Tuesday through Friday 12:10 PM Mass
-Tuesday through Friday 5:00 PM Vespers 


Second Sunday Vespers
7:00 PM Latin (Extraordinary Form)

Weekday Vespers
5:00 PM Tuesday through Friday (Ordinary Form)
NOTE:  There will be no Vespers during the week of August 17, 2020.

15 minutes before every Mass

Link to daily readings: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings

Link to our YouTube channel, where all of our past videos are available: Annunciation's YouTube Channel

Giving is an Act of Worship!

During this time of uncertainly while Holy Mass has been suspended by the Archdiocese, the work of the parish continues to move forward.  While the church is open for prayer, please do not forget your weekly financial contribution to the parish. 

The expenses of the church continue.  While Holy Mass is not being offered, important work continues at our parish and your continued support is appreciated. 

If your normal tithe is given at the church, consider on-line giving.  Using our Giving tools, you can set up a recurring donation to one or multiple funds.  It has never been easier.

Or drop a check in the mail to:  PO Box 214, Houston TX  77001

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