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Video:  A few words from Fr. Felix.  Click here.  

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Due to the Stay-at-Home order given by Houston officials, the Church and office will not be open to the public beginning March 25 until the order is lifted.

Turn to the Lord with your fears and concerns and He will lift your spirit. Let's stay connected to one another through prayer while we are physically apart.

Mass will be streamed through our website and social media channels.

Join us for Mass.  Live-stream schedule.

Our current live-stream Mass schedule is
 - Tuesday-Saturday Mass at 12:10 pm.   Wednesday & Friday will be in English Ordinary Form.  Tuesday & Thursday will be in Latin Extraordinary Form. 
 - Saturday at 8:00 AM English Ordinary Form
Sunday at 8:00 AM Latin Extraordinary Form and 9:30 AM English Ordinary Form. 

Link to previous Masses: 

Sunday, March 29th: Fifth Sunday of Lent - Extraordinary Form: https://youtu.be/n3TzmQUqhX0

Sunday, March 29th: Fifth Sunday of Lent - English: https://youtu.be/iKXDPSqgzjI

Saturday, March 28th: https://youtu.be/QASYag-Wils

Friday, March 27th: https://youtu.be/ApWQ8trYsTs

Thursday, March 26th: https://youtu.be/1WZuvgBKk3M

Wednesday, March 25th:  https://youtu.be/TlDTaHIEeC0


 - The public celebration of all weekday and Sunday Masses will be suspended in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020. 
 - Sunday is still the Lord’s Day. Families should gather to pray, read scripture, recite the Rosary and reflect together on their faith.

 - For the Cardinal's full statement, click here.
 - For the latest information from the Archdiocese, click here.
 - Cardinal DiNardo continues to encourage unity in prayer for the faithful of the Archdiocese with a new
    Houston Prayer in the Time of the Coronavirus
 - For more Spiritual Resources and Prayers, click here.


Giving is an Act of Worship!

During this time of uncertainly while Holy Mass has been suspended by the Archdiocese, the work of the parish continues to move forward.  While the church is open for prayer, please do not forget your weekly financial contribution to the parish. 

The expenses of the church continue.  While Holy Mass is not being offered, important work continues at our parish and your continued support is appreciated. 

If your normal tithe is given at the church, consider on-line giving.  Using our Giving tools, you can set up a recurring donation to one or multiple funds.  It has never been easier.

Or drop a check in the mail to:  PO Box 214, Houston TX  77001

Click to Give


Annunciation Calendar

Please open our church Calendar in your browser by clicking here.  
The calendar has the Mass times and celebrant, as well as any other church and community events.
Please contact us at 713-222-2289 for any questions. 

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