DSF Diocesan Services Fund



Friends, with the new year comes a new commitment to supporting the Diocesan Services Fund (DSF), which provides funding for essential ministries and programs that serve the religious, spiritual and human needs of thousands of people from every parish. Catechetical programs, hospital and prison ministries, programs for the aging and youth and many more are made possible by the annual DSF.  Our 2022 goal is $47,500, which will come out of our parish operating budget if we fall short.

Please prayerfully consider your commitment in meeting Annunciation's 2022 DSF goal.

If we as a parish beat our goal, we will see a 50% return of every dollar by which we exceed our goal, and the remaining funds will go to assist the parishes with the greatest need!

Additionally, our parish will receive 50% back on every donation made by first time donors, so your help is crucial!

Complete information on the many ministries that are funded by the DSF is found here.

To donate to the DSF, please click hereIn the Parish Information drop-down list, please scroll to select Annunciation - Houston.

You can also scan this QR code
with your phone's camera to go directly to the DSF donation page.

Thank you for helping us to meet our goal!